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Conal Manufacturing has more than 30 years of expertise with prototyping and production CNC-machining. The manufacturing services that Conal offers are CNC Milling, CNC Turning, and Quality Assurance. Our State-of-the Art equipment is capable of 3rd and 4th axis CNC-machining and our Inspection Department is outstanding.

We have 10 CNC milling centers  and 6 CNC turning centers.

The parts we manufacture are usually made from various grades of aluminum, steel and alloy steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, various plastics, etc. (listed from most to least common).

Conal Manufacturing can also provide many types of surface finishes, including, but not limited to: chromate conversion/chem. film, anodize, black oxide, zinc plating, passivation, paint and laser engraving.

Conal ManufacturingCNC Milling

We have 10 milling centers


  • Haas VF6 50/T – 64″x 32″x 30″ 4th axis capable
  • 2-Haas VF4 – 50″x 20″x 25″ 4th axis capable
  • 2-Haas VF2 SS – 30″x 16″x 20″ 4th axis capable
  • 2-Haas Super Mini Mill – 16″x12″x10″ 4th axis capable
  • 2-Hass Super VF2 – 30″x 16″x 20″ 4th axis capable
  • Bridgeport Series1- Accurite II, 2 axis CNC control
  • Bridgeport Series 1 – Sony DRO

Fourth Axis indexing heads

  • Haas HRT 160
  • Hass HRT 210

Conal ManufacturingCNC Turning

We have 6 turning centers


  • Haas SL-10 – 6″dia. x 14″ max length w/ servo bar feed
  • Haas SL-30 – 10″dia. x 36″
  • Mori Seiki SL-15, 6″dia. max w/ 20″ max length
  • Mori Seiki SL-25, 10″dia. max w/ 20″ max length
  • Sharp 1760 Engine Lathe


We have a surface grinding department


  • Chevalier Surface Grinder 6″x 18″

Conal ManufacturingInspection / Quality Assurance

An outstanding QA department

Inspection Department

  • Brown and Sharp Reflex CMM, 24″x 20″x 16″
  • SPI Optical Comparator, 15″ Screen
  • Granite Surface Plate 48″x 60″
  • Tremos 24″ Height Gage
  • Full Selection of Gage Pins and Thread Gages
  • TESA Hite 400
  • Complete surface plate inspection equipment



  • Mastercam 2017

services4Outside Processing Services

Sourcing for castings, secondary processes, honing, grinding, heat-treatment, and various final surface treatments.